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I have a chart in 2008 SSRS which I would like to format in currency.  However, I don't see how to do that.  Does anyone know??
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="$" & Format(Fields!col1.Value,"##,###,##0.00")

is the label at the moment coming from one column or are you concatenating two?

Step 1: Select the Chart Control, right click goto the Property
Step 2: In the Chart Property, window - select the X-Axis Tab
Step 3: Give the currency Format


These answers seem to be for the series not the legend.  Rkworlds link took me to a site that might have the answer, but when I format the column it gives me the series value in the legend.  I would like to combine the dity name and the serioes amount in the legend like the screen shot I have.  The intructions I navigated to that rkworlds gave me formats the series, but drops the city name.  If I clck on series properties and under the legend section, I entered #VALY{C} under the custom legend text.  I need a way to combine a fleld called market which is the cities names and this formating so my result will be city name $###,###.


This solution although wasn't 100% correct was the closest and pointed me in the correct direction to find all my answers.


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