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Hey all,
I just switched from a blackberry to an iphone and one feature I miss the most is that when I didn't have service and would send an email or text message, it would queue up and when i got back into service, it would send. Are there any 3rd party apps that will allow you to do this, even with a jailbroken phone?

Anything would be appreciated! Thanks!
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What do you mean? An Iphone can send mail, and even browse the web.


I'm sorry, but I'm not asking if the iphone can send email and browse the web. Duh, of course it can! What I'm saying is if i have no service on the iphone and i try to send a TEXT MESSAGE it will just say it has failed to send. However, on the blackberry, if you have no service and send a TEXT MESSAGE it will save itself and send it when you do have service. Is there anything like this for the iphone or any 3rd party software??

I'm sorry, but I don't see how you thought my question was "can I send email and browse the web from the iphone?"........ that was most certainly not my question.
The iPhone will queue outgoing emails, and then automatically send them when you have service again.  I'm not aware of any solution for SMS, though; when you regain service, you just have to tell it to resend the failed message(s) one by one.

There are some Apps that will send SMS messages over wifi though (look for "Textfree"), so you can send messages when you have Wifi access but no phone access.

Have u already checked messaging apps in the iTunes app store? If not please do so. i cannot do so with the limited access I have to the apps store.

I will not go in to the many applications that are out there which are not endorsed by Apple. Do a google search on your own.

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