What to do with an laptop lcd panel

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I have a lcd panel lying around the house. I used the laptop internals for a home automation project. Does anyone out here have any good ideas of what to do with the lcd?
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You can use it as extended monitor in your system. Or you can convert it into tv but for that you have to consult with qualified engineer.
Neale WilliamsService Delivery Manager
Why not turn it into a projector TV. There are plenty of guides on the web. Start here:


You could put it up for sale in the ebay if it is working fine.

Complete LCD panel could replace a faulty one easily.
It could easily be fitted into a similar type of  laptop.
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I found best use of these lying panels to use in extending surveillance.

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how do you connect them ??


Anil -  What do you mean by extending surveillance?
normally we install the surveillance camera at door/critical location and its display in main room. we can extend this to, say our bedroom/kitchen, for extra display unit. This way surveillance points are extended.

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