How to move sub-site to another sub-site

Ken_Kim used Ask the Experts™
I manage a wss site and needs to re-organize some sites.
I like to move subsite (/top/sub_1/sub_1_1) to another subsite (/top/sub_2/sub_1_1)

Anyone knows how to do it?
Thank you in advance,
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Ivan PadabedDirector, Technology Solutions

you can also use


Thanks, guys. Buth stsadm -export and -import is more powerfull, I think. I could move site with the options.
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Sushanta SahuPrincipal Specialist, Information Management

The best way to move a sub site from one place to another inside a site collection is using the Site Manager (_layouts/sitemanager.aspx)

Another way is STSADM Export & Import

For small sub-site size, save site as a template should be fine.

Let me know how it goes.



Thanks for your comment on my question.

I wonder how to use Site Manager. I put http://mysite/_layouts/sitemanager.aspx but it's not up. (Unknown Error)

I tested to sub-site with stsadm with export and import option but the problem is the owner of all documents are changed to admin account.

Principal Specialist, Information Management
Have you used the switch "includesecurity" while doing the STSADM export import? If you retry the export import using include security the meta data should be preserved. If this does not work as well, let me know your approximate size of your subsite which you want to migrate.

Site manager is not available in WSS 3.0. I missed the WSS part. You won;t be able to use the site manager. You can use it while using the MOSS 2007.


Great! stsadm with export and import option is the best way to move sub-site within a site collection!

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