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Trying to configure "RRAS VPN Reconnect" on Windows 2008 Server, but facing problem on issuing the certificate as the newly created certificate template "VPN Reconnect" is not coming under "Certificate Template to Issue" category. Please have a look on the attached file for better understanding.
Need your help so that I can issue the certificate.
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Google for the following guide, I believe you will see your answer in there:

"Step-by-Step Guide: Deploy Remote Access with VPN Reconnect in a Test Lab"
Microsoft Corporation
Published: January 2009

I read a few pages, but didn't see a specific step I through you needed, but believe that maybe you will see it.



Yes, according to the guide I am configuring the RRAS VPN Reconnect in a Test Lab, but facing the problem as stated. Need solution for that.

I would restart certificate services... and make sure that the DCs are replicating.  you said test lab so maybe a DC is offline and impacting replication ?

Configuring VPN1

The certificate template has been created. ( you have done this )
 issue the certificate template ( problem )
request a certificate

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