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Strange one this; this has only just started happening and everyone swears blind that nothing has changed ..

I have a GPO that sets proxy avoidance lists...alwaqys worked never a problem. Just recently one specific internal site  just wont work unless I clear the list ... if I put all the external sites back in everything else works but this one internal site doesnt .. I have found a ISA error that states (I have a test box that I filetered on the ISA logs) "12209 the ISA server requires authorization to fulfill the request. access to the web proxy fileter is denied" and am wondering if this is to do with it...and the issue isnt the avoidnace list but the ISA server (the ISA server is only internal NOT used on permieter, has only 1 NIC)
I cant work out why the avoidnace list has anything to do with an internal site but this internal site seems to not like anythiung in the avoidance i said i take all the exceptions out force the GPupdate and voila this internal site works again !!! ... I have plenty of other internal sites that work...its just one !!

Help !!!

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You have a GPO that pushes all of the proxy exceptions and just one site seems to stop working, then you run gpupdate and a user at the workstation can access it again?

Do you expect that the request for this website should go direct without the ISA/Proxy? I do.

I know with some list size can be come an issue, is it the last item in the list, can you try moving it to the middle?


the strange thing is its an internal site..i think my lack of knowledge in this area is a problem...however it used to work fine ..
the size of the list has never changed ..
Im working through and have found that it seems to be as soon as i add any internal addresses .. which is where my lack of knowledge come in...i.e why doesnt the bypass proxy for local addresses come in? how does it determine what excatly is a local address?

internet options,
connections tab,
lan settings,
check for use proxy server?
is bypass proxy server for local addresses checked?
click advanced, do you see the name of the site in the list?

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