Windows 7 - How to stop programmes launching on start up?

peter2407 used Ask the Experts™
Any ideas on how to stop programmes launching on start up? The Startup folder on the Start menu is empty and I can't find anything similar anywhere else.
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If you get stuck, click the Start button, type msconfig, press enter.

The System Configuration dialog opens. Check the Startup tab. Here you can see each startup command and its location. The location can be a registry entry or a folder.

I don't recommend unchecking items here other than for testing. Rather, to make changes, try as follows:

1. If the location is a folder, just go to that location and remove the shortcut.

2. If the location is the registry, try running the application or right-clicking its icon in the system tray and adjusting its preferences not to start automatically. Only if that fails, you can edit the registry directly and remove the entry that starts the unwanted app.


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