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I'm running Hyper V Server 2008 R2.  I'm also running SBS 2008 as a VM on the Hyper V Server.  Does anyone have suggestions as to the best way to backup my VMs?  I see that I can access the Hyper V Server from SBS backup (VM) but not sure that's the best way to backup since I'm essentially backing up my SBS VM from within itself.  Thanks
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Have a look here:


I have also used Symantec Backexec 12 and had good results.
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In your scenario one of the most common solutions is to use the SBS built-in backup  which requires USB support and to resolve that folk are using a USB to network option supplied by  www.fabulatech.com

Keep in mind any solution you choose must support SBS, not all backup solutions do. Two common 3rd party solutions are:

Though these solutions allow you to restore to a VM, they are not really backing up the whole VM as you asked. This generally requires shutting down the SBS, running a backup, and then restarting which is not practical in an SBS environment. System Center Virtual Machine manager has backup capabilities for VM's but again in a single sever environment this is generally not practical because of cost.

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