how to run a Store Proc in sql server at regular interval

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I am working on a web site in that i have a need to run a background process.
but i donot want to make the background process in as
 after i start this process, I will not have any control on the process which i want to have.

So I read that i can call an SP or  may be a Function at regular interval of time in sql server.

this is what i need to do.
I have a table in my sql server and i this table has a column of DataTime.
Now I want to run a code which will check take this DateTime column for each record in the table and Add 20 min into this.
and then will check the result.
if it is more than the current time then that particular record will be deleted from the table.

I need this code to run at a regular interval of time.

how can i do this?
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use Process.Start"Application name"
 to start  background processing from your code.

You can schedule this asp page in windows task schedular or
 use timer
First you need to create a Transact-SQL Job

After that, you need to schedule the job  and set it to recurring...




Could you please explain the solution a bit more.
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1] Write  your required code "as select . update and  delete in Stored procedure"

2[ then make a call to that  Stored Procedure using Windows From - and use Timer to call it after required interval.

3] or write a DTS packgae on sql server and schedule it. (google "DTS package")

4] Or you can make a call to winodws application from your web application using Proces.Start


this is the prob with my, I am trying to avoid creating windows application because my site is hosted on share account.
and I don't have any windows server and just for this one task buying a new windows server is not good.

Anyways thanks for  your time
As Ajitha saisd..create a SQL Server JOb..and Schedule it to run every 15 mins.


Can you let me know why this particular solution was selected and not mine?

To be fair..Ajitha should have got the points...Is there a way to transfer the points or change the accepted solution

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