Very noisy - brand new HP Pavailion P6324UK - how to make quieter?

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I purchased a PC for a client that is to be dedicated to a single basic task (but always stay on)

It was a HP Pavilion- P6324UK  with OK spec (4GB - Core i5 etc.). But the PC is SOOO noisy.

In fact from setup, rather then it be noisy at first and then quiten down after boot, this seems to start up, and then a few seconds later another fan kicks in which is really noisy.

This other fan never switches off so when the client gets back and heres this thing in his home he is not going to want it?

I mean when there is another noise you get used to it, but this sounds more like a server then a PC.

What can I do? How can I check what is going on?

Many thanks in advance.

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pull the power connector from each fan in turn and identify the culprit
Then swap it for a quieter fan of the same dimensions.
In terms of QC fans are sold by the manufacturer to cool the PC not to be quiet so if you get a noisy fan that keeps everything cool it's not seen as a problem.
There's an outside chance that it's actually being told by the system board there's an overheating problem and so is going to maximum striaght away but usually this is simply a noisy component.


What a pain! Any other ideas or tools that help me not have to do all this would be much appreciated. I will also raise with HP as this means I will never get a Pavilion again but it really is a noise engine.
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Check the blades of the fan aren't fouling on wires from the board
Try detaching the fan from the PC, checking it spins true and oiling the spindle.
Also check the system temps aren't causing this - either by looking at the temps in the BIOS setup or running a hardware monitor (eg:HWMonitor)
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I looked in BIOS an no tools for monitoring temp. I will check out that software.
Also can I power off the CPU fan without the CPU melting. It's a good 5 years since I done anything with a processor and I always rememer being said never run a processor wihtout a heat sink as it will blow out in moments.

But If I keep the heatsink on but just remove power to fan is that OK.

Hate having to do this stuff on a brand new PC.
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I would be very cautious about running a modern processor without both heatsink and fan cooling.
It may be worth talking to HP as it's new telling them it is abnormally loud and maybe play on the likelihood that as such it's much more likely to fail - I would put money on them saying it's within tolerance though!  See how far through support you can get though - they could even ship you a replacemnt fan.
A standard replacement fan would be maybe £15 max  but could void any warranty you have.  


OK thanks. there is no way I would remove the actual heat sink, but I mean, the power to the fan that sits on the heatsink?

Is it safe for me just to unplug the power to that particular fan. My plan is (after calling HP)
Unplug power to system fan - test noise.
Then unplug power to CPU heatsynn fan - test noise

Hopefully worse case system fan is noisy and can be replaced.

Ideally HP sort it some how.


You could pull the cpu fan plug, but I wouldn't do it for more than a very short time. Just long enough for it to spin down and see if it is the one.
Pulling the plug might also set off a bios fan alarm and/or cause the system to shutdown. Depends on how HP messed with the bios.
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it is not normal it makes much noise - modern pc's are almost inaudible.
check if the power supply fan is a 12 cm one (should be now) 9cm makes more noise.
it can be you have a faulty cpu fan, but before modding too much - contact HP for warranty  repair !
A much safer way to test noise on the system fan...

You can use a software tool to adjust the speed of each fan in the case that supports digital control or PWM.

Get this software called Speed Fan - [ ]

Once installed you can adjust the speed of each fan that the program detects, the software can run in the background and also runs on start-up.


If you have no success then I'm going to assume it wasnt the system fan causing the noise. If it was a case fan, you can either:

-Contact HP about replacement/other solution
-Replace it yourself
-Something else to quieten it?

I would be very cautious about fiddling with the CPU heatsink and fan as any sign of tampering may void all warranties with HP.

Try the software method and tell me your result.
Depending on what the noise actually sounds like I would agree with skyrider_au and maybe add the possibility of checking if nothing is slightly loose on the inside that might generate noise when the fan is on (and vibrating). I've had several HP noise complaints with the new i7 and i5 procs and it would seem the early batches generate quite a lot of heat which in turn makes the fans blow hard. Two did have slightly loose cpu heatsinks due to transport (no detaching from cpu though) which does explain the extra heat generated.
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i think some thing is wrong; bad fan, touching something, etc...
I had a noisy power supply fan and set out to replace it. When I removed the protective grill I noticed wearing on the top of the fan. It turned out that the fan grill had been rubbing on the cooling fan. I merely bent the grill a bit to lift it away from fan and  that fixed that problem.
As for the CPU, I was irritated by the stock cooling solution's propensity for spinning up and howling when CPU was under load, so I bought an aftermarket cooler, which seems kind of wasteful on a brand new PC, but is another way to go about it.
For testing which fans are noisy in my case, I run the PC with the case open and merely press on the center of each fan to slow it down one at a time until I find the culprit.
An excellent site for learning about quieting your PC is 
Lots of reviews about fans and cooling solutions there.


Have still not been able to get access to this to correct it but hopefully will soon and will update.


OK went to the site. opened up the PC and it seems to be the graphics card that was making the noise. I put my finger on each fan to sto it breifly and that was the main noise (Although it also seemed to be coming from the CD rom as well but that was strange).

anyway, after my expirments, it seems to be OK. therefore it's a bit noisy for the first 30 secnds. but then, as you would expect it to,but then the fans slow down and all is much quiter.
So hoping it is solved.
Thanks for all the input.


Thanks for all the good input on this
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tx for the feedback !

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