help me build user authentication with visual studio 2008 express and active directory?

HudsonMarine used Ask the Experts™
I am trying to build a basic contact management web app and I need to send filter info so when the user logs in it will notice the user and display his/her personal contacts.

I also want another page to display all contacts with the ability to edit/delete them if they wish.

I am new to active directory and visual studio 2008 express and I was wondering if someone could point me in the right direction of some step by step tuorials on how to impliment user authentication on my web app project form using active directory.

I am wokring in a web project with the built in web server feature of visual studio express.

I was also wondering if it was any easier to simply use non active directory authentication with my current setup and if so could you please point out some step by step instructions.
Let me reiterate that i am a newbie to both of these and I need it to be REAL step by step instruction.

Thanks for your understanding and help.

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Is you app going to be intranet or internet?
If intranet you can use Windows Authentication
If internet then Forms Authentication:

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