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Don't mean to insult you with such a simple problem but her goes;
I want to take away the highlighted box under each icon.  Can i just have the icon with its text discription and no highlighting, it is distracting.
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Four things are required for transparent icon backgrounds:

1.Control Panel-System-Advanced-Performance Settings.
Check "Use drop shadows for icon labels on the desktop" on the Visual
Effects tab.

2.Right-click on Desktop - "Arrange Icons by" and ensure Lock Web
items is cleared.

3.Transparency will not work if you have web content on your desktop,
Control Panel - Display Properties - Desktop tab - Customize Desktop -
Web tab. Clear all check boxes.

4. Ensure the Wallpaper is an image file not HTML.

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I don't completely understand your question, but look of the desktop (icons) you can change in two places:
1. right click at desktop -> properties -> appearance tab->advanced button-> in item box select "selected items". Here you can change color of text box under icon when the icon is selected.
Before the changes comes into effect, you need to click apply also on "display properties" window.
2. Start -> settings -> control panel -> system->Advanced -> performance settings -> visual efects tab.

Try to play with this settings.




Thanks but I got a resolution from EC that worked just geat.

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