CGI.SCRIPT_NAME not returning anticipated results

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I am looking for some possible reasons that CGI.SCRIPT_NAME would return some unexpected results.  For some reason a page in my code with URL  keeps processing as if the CGI.SCRIPT_NAME contained the string 'Services'.

The conditional logic that is executed when the CGI.SCRIPT_NAME CONTAINS that string is attached below.  In my applicaiton, it is found in the 'application.cfm' file.

Thanks for any help you can provide on this one.

<cfif CGI.SCRIPT_NAME CONTAINS "/services/">
		<cfset session.userInfo.USERNAME 	= "sv">
		<cfset session.userInfo.FULLNAME 	= "Services">
		<cfset session.userInfo.USERID 		= 1>
		<cfset session.userInfo.LOGGEDIN 	= true>

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>  ..../index.cfm?fuse=managelp

Perhaps whatever page is processing the CGI.SCRIPT_NAME code contains that phrase?  Dump the value right before the cfif code and check the value of CGI.SCRIPT_NAME. Is it what you expect?

     <cfdump var="#CGI.SCRIPT_NAME#">
yes, since you have that code in Application.cfm, it will be processed for all requests, including those executed by cf 'behind the scenes' in response to fuse=managelp.  check all the code execute in response to fuse=managelp and see if any of pages or cfc's invoked are in /services/ dir.


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