Nokia e72+Kerio Mailserver+Dataviz Roadsync+godaddy ssl cert.

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I have a nokia e72  device with dataviz roadsync to sync my email. The software  goes fine but every time asks for ssl cert.  Every time I want to sync, I must choose  between:

Not accept
Accept for this session
For always.

If I choose for always problems connecting. The only way is accept for this session and then, everytime the  software needs to connect... asks for the cert accept.

The cert is installed and accepted... godaddy class 2 ssl cert.

What can I do?

I posted at dataviz support... no response.

Best regards

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Dave HoweSoftware and Hardware Engineer

ah, you are missing some verification certificates.

most of the nokias will not accept (though they will appear to) a self signed cert or a signed cert that they don't have a signing certificate for. some will also have issues with intermediate certs, but that is less usual.

the solution is to place the root cert missing from the phone onto a suitable webserver, and visit it using the web browser on the phone - it will then add it to its local store, and the issue will go away.

see this all the time with groupwise mobile/intellisync :)
Software and Hardware Engineer
as a second aside - you can use the same mechanism to import your *own* CA cert into the phone, and avoid the cost of paying for a commercial certificate. just a thought :)



I purchased some month ago a  godaddy ssl cert which works fine at ie8 or chrome but not with my e72 device.

How can I import the cert?
We are currently experiencing the same issue with an E72, installed a go-daddy certificate as we were experiencing problems with outlook 2013 and outlook anywhere.  Now all of our E72 have stopped working.

We have factory reset one of the phones and it still doesn't sync email.  If we convert back to the self certificated certificate it works, any suggestions?

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