How do I change the name of the group called Custom Toolbars in the Add-In tab of the ribbon?

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When I load a custom command bar via VBA into the Add-in tab of the ribbon, the group name defaults to Custom Toolbars.  Is there a way to change that name, either via the VBA code for the custom command bar or via XML coding in CustomUI?
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Joanne M. OrzechManager, Document Services Center
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The Ribbon Customizer will do it - but I don't know exactly HOW they did it!


Thank you for your comment.  The CustomUI editior I found on this site also lets me customize the ribbon in XML:

But that is not adequate for me.  What I need is a way to change the group name in the Add-In tab before loading a Command bar from VBA for Excel.  I am adding a number of button using the Application.CommandBar.Add feature in VBA.  These buttons automatically go into the Add-in tab of the ribbon with a group name "Custom Toolbars".  While I figured out how to rename the tab name from Add-in to something else using XML code, I have not figured out how to change the group name from "Custom Toolbars" to something else.
Never mind.  There is no way to rename the group within the Add-Ins tab when you load a Custom Menu via VBA.  The best solution for the problem is to not load a custom menu via VBA.  Instead create a Custom tab in XML, name it whatever you want and use getLabel, getVisible, and onAction call back procedures to label, show and run procedures from the custom tab buttons.

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