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Del Poweredge 2600 and server 2008

rrchiaratt used Ask the Experts™
I just picked up a del powerdege 2600 and I am loading server 2008 on it can I add a sata controller and install a sata raid or is it better to utilize the on board scsi controller and pick up some more scsi drives and caddys?
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The onboard SCSI is probably faster than an add-on SATA controller. As long as you can get the drivers for it.
I think it would be difficult to add HD's to the installed SATA controller,as I believe that the cages that hold HD's on the server are designed for SCSI, not SATA. Simply, very unlikely they would install physically.
PowerEdgeTechIT Consultant
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Indeed they won't install ... you would need to remove the backplane in order for them to fit, but I believe the backplane is required for POST on the 2600.  Even if you were able to do this, you wouldn't have a way to power the dfrives.
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Here is another problem I don't think there are drivers for Windows 2008 Servers for the hardware in a Dell Poweredge 2600.
Well I did the impossible. I installed an adaptec serial raid PCI-X card , routed power and sata cables to the SCSI bays. connected some rails to the drives. and vavoom I have 2 TB of 0+1 storage. I put the operating system on the pair of 74GB SCSI drives in the first to bays. It works flawless. I still have the SCSI back plane behind the drives. Kinda hoki I know but "it Works".

"Kinda hoki I know but "it Works"

I admire this kind of attitude. It is also nice that you had the resources to try it.

****Actually, nothing is impossible unless we think it is.****
Good job. Do you have any photos or anything you can post in case anyone wants to try in the future?