32 vs 64 bit server memroy access

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If I load 32 bit standard server 2008 on my dell poweredge 2600 will I be limited to accesing 3gb of ram?
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yes you will be limited. but to 4gb total including any video ram. 64 bit has a limit but it far exceeds today's technology.
Windows 2008 Standard is limited to 4GB of RAM.  There may be less due to reserved memory space.  Enterprise and Datacenter editions will go up to 64GB with 32-bit, but this is using PAE.

Reference: http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/windowsserver/cc196364.aspx
No, you can access the full 4Gb with Server 2008 32 bit edition and with PAE enabled you can access up to 64GB with Windows 2008 Datacenter and Enterprise.

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Here is the problem I don't think you can get drivers for a Poweredge 2600 for a Windows 2008 Server install.

On Dells support website they offer both X64 and X86 2008 drivers.
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On 32 bit you won't get the full 4GB because of the PCI memory hole. Turning PAE on so that Windows sees the full 4GB doesn't help much as PAE slows it down and 23 bit apps can't often access that RAM above 4GB anyway.

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