No RWW or OWA on newly installed EBS 2008

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Hi folks,

We have just installed EBS 2008 Premium Edition into a Small Business Server 2003 domain. There were some issues with optional updates. I understand that .Net 3.5 can be a problem. In our case it was for the Management and Security Servers but not the Messaging Server.

We have done most of the post installation tasks. Forefront Gateway seems to work fine. We have installed our commercially purchased certificate. Connections, internally and externally, to the RWW and OWA do not work. We have removed the Security Server as a proxy for the internal attempts to connection to RWW and OWA.

In the case of external connections we get the Forefront TMG splash screen and all seems ok. However, when credentials are entered a "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

In the case of internal connections, minus the proxy, to http://messagingserver/owa we get a message to say the same message -  "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage".

As far as we can see IIS seems to be working fine. We have compared settings with a test setup of the EBS and they seem to be in agreement.

In ths IIS logs we get a 302 message.

Can anyone help?

Thanks in advance!
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What happens if you try to access https://messagingserver/owa internally?

Regards Dave


If I enter https://messagingserver/owa internally it changes to https://messagingserver.mydomain.local/owa and displays the message "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage". There is no certificate awareness of any kind from what I can see.

I worked it out. Had been working on it for hours before posting it here, but eventually got it. The Default Website bindings on the Message Server did not have the certificate associated with it. So in EBS, even though a cert can be installed against the Forefront TMG there is no auto-assocation to add the cert to the Default Website on the Message Server.

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