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(Sorry, not got many points left to give!)

The problem is a machine running Outlook which repeatedly downloads the same email, effectively blocking the account.

This only seems to happen with emails with large (4MB typical) attachments. Outlook is set to delete emails after 5 days but previously worked fine.

The offending email can be deleted in webmail but the problem happens again within a day or two.

I've tried increasing the timeout to no avail.

Any other ideas?
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Try exporting your mailbox to a new PST file.. then delete the current Data File and .. create new and reimport your mail.

Not sure which version of outlook you are using to give you better steps..

It's Outlook 2003.

Thinking back, I've already done this as the user was complaining about lost emails (they went from Outlook to OE & then back again) and I imported stuff from the original PST & OE into a new PST. TRhe problem predates this apparently.

Trouble is the user puts up with it for a short time then blows her top, so you never know if what you did fixed her problem or not till a week or so later when all hell breaks loose!
Only other option is uninstall/reinstall outlook.. The POP3 account is not getting the downloaded flag set so it keeps sending it.
Try 'Actions' or @send and Receive' and select to download headers only. This will allow you to see what you would view on webmail and delete any emails with problems.
After all that, the client was 'too busy' for me to look at her system...

No problem, I don't mind a wasted trip :(

But looks like I'll have to go down the reinstall route I suspect.


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