ODBC Connectivity to JD Edwards

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Looking to connect to a JDE database from MS Visual Studio to create interfaces for posting sales transactions.  Not used JDE before but pretty well versed in financial integration.  Does anyone know a good guide to JDE financials from a developers point, and a source for a good ODBC connector.

Any help or pointers on this would be very welcomed.

Many thanks

PS We are also looking at an IBOLT solutions, although I think this will be overkill for what we want to do.
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You'll use the ODBC driver for the underlying database: DB2.  Assuming the database is hosted on AS/400, the ODBC driver is included in the IBM Client Access (iSeries Access, System i Access) for Windows -  a Licensed Program deliverered on CD with every AS/400.  Ask you AS/400 administrator for installation media.

Of course, once connected, you'll be able to pull down the database schema.

There are numerous versions of JDE.  You can find some product documentation a www.oracle.com. JDE also has some built-in documentation tools:


- Gary Patterson

While you didn't mention if your connection was read/write, I'll assume that its read only. To answer your questions directly:

You can pull all of the documentation directly from Oracle for financials. Simply type in your version (I put in ours at 8.9) and jde documentation and they should come right up.

JDE has a miserable trait of having column names that not only don't describe their contents, they don't also describe the assumed underlying decimal point. You will also have to deal with things like their julian date format, etc.


ODBC connections:

If you are addressing it programatically you should probably just use the normal Oracle odbc connections. There are proprietary ODBC connectors for JDE, but they are typically used for tasks like Crystal Reports.

You might want to try the forum www.jdelist.com . A significant amount of members of the active JDE community post there and it includes a developer forum which is quite good.



Thank you both, this has put us in the right direction and confirmed some of our throughts and observations.

Gary PattersonVP Technology / Senior Consultant

Ok by me.


No problems with me, sorry forgot to do it!

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