Can "special" hard disk drive files be defraged

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Hi Experts,

I'm on a WinXP SP3 box and use O&O Defrag v11.5.  My question is regarding the following  information from a recent defrag report.
Fragments    Clusters  File Name
     25               58         C:\$Secure:$SII:$INDEX_ALLOCATION
     24               53         C:\$Secure:$SDH:$INDEX_ALLOCATION
     13          9,550         C:\$Secure:$SDS:$DATA
       8               10         C:\$MFT::$BITMAP

1.  Is it safe to defrag these files, provided first I image the drive for full restore capability.
2.  If I defrag these files, will there be a marginal performance boost?

Thanks much.
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Those files, under normal conditions, are locked by OS.
What you need to do is a on-boot defragmentation,  i.e. the one that occurs after reboot.
Usually HD speed depends on disk fragmentation and the amount of free space.

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1)Yes, it is safe. But in Windows you cannot defrag (reallocate) these files as they are locked. You need to perform defrag in restart mode (whatever it is called in O&O). As soon as Windows stops locking these files (I guess they are hiberfil and pagefile).
2)I don't think so. If you do not have maniac wish to get 0.1% performance increase then ignore these fragments.
Ok. Yes defragmenting those would not hurt at all. It is 100%. But they are looked. Like the other said you can do it in restart mode/on-boot defrag.

Speed wise there is not enough to be defragmented to make a notable difference. Although it is good to do every now and again. Not just for speed but to keep your harddisk more organized i think might be the word. Defragment makes your system do less work pretty much. So it would increase the speed and be better on your HD.

Why not go ahead and do it. It wont take to long and wont have to worry about it for a long time



Thanks for the replies.

Where there are multiple good answers, I typically allocate the points equally to all Experts.  If I select one response, then  don't acknowledge the effort and expertise of the other Experts.  I feel that is disrespectful since I'm the person asking the question (e.g. don't have sufficient  knowledge).

O&O has boot defrag option before Windows locks the files.

Again, thanks much for your responses.
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Thanks for points.
Take care.

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