How do I to put a tab into text in a text file using Terminal on a mac

Sigurdur Armannsson
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When I use Terminal to find every job that has been worked on last 24 hours I get a text file with lines like this:

ABC 12345 Job Worked on
DEF 67890 Another Job etc...

As this can be up to 50 lines and I need to put this into two columns in Excel I need to add a tab in every line, after the numbers.
Like this: ABC 12345 <tab> Job Worked on

What do the experts think is the best way to do this?
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I'd open it up in BBedit  and do a search and replace for
(\d+) and replace it with \1\t

That means find any single  number repeated and replace it with the found number followed by a tab.

You can do it with the  sed at the command line too

Ok. That's how I do that in Text Wrangler, BBedit's little brother. I have never used sed before. Let's give it a try. Same GREP or what?
man pages are not always that easy to learn by. Is it possible to get help with how I would implement this in sed?
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I used z shell to make tab work. use the actual tab key.

At the command prompt, type:

sed 's/[0-9][0-9]* /&  /' <text >text2

where text is the name of your file and text 2 is the target file.

The & stands for the found expression (the numbers) and right after that is the tab key. Copy and paste from here or copy your own "tab"  if you need to.

Thanks a lot. :D
This solution is what I was looking for. Besides being accurate it is explained well and will help me get started with using sed for future problems.

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