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I am creating a PO form in MOSS 2007...  As part of the functionality, I would like the Vendor Number to be pulled from a SQL Table in a dropdown list, so the user can either hit the dropdown list.... Not sure how to connect the list to the sql table...... Is there a way to do this???

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There is no out of box solution for this. You may try BDC and create a BDC field. It involves a lot of works too.
Another solution is you use Data View Web Part to retrieve data from your SQL table and then use javascript to populate the choice field. Not a simple solution either.
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There's no ez way to do this out of the box. The MS way is to use the BDC, but this (for me) is more trouble than it's worth.

I have successfully written and implemented a Custom Field, that accepts 2 parameters "finder stored proc name" & "description stored proc name"

When the field is added to any list it displays a blank search field, or it can have a default value
> user clicks the search icon
> field looks in the web.config for the connection string
> connects to the DB
> executes the  "finder stored proc"
> renders a drop down with the return values
> user selects an item from the drop down
> field executes the  "description stored proc"

This project will help you get started:
This describes the project:

You will need to replace the CAML stuff with SQL stuff.

I would give you my field, but it belong to the company I worked for and it's mixed in with A LOT of other fields and dll's.

thman got to it before me.
Actually found a product called SharePoint Business Data List Connector from Layer2 Technologies...

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