Setting out Plantronics USB headset in Windows 7

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Prior to my Windows XP machine died I was able to dictate via my Plantronics DSP 400 USB  microphone headset while at the same time listening to music through my Plantronics USB headphone.

Now that I'm running Windows 7 64-bit I have to mute my headphones while I'm dictating otherwise I hear my voice through the headset.

I believe I have the correct Windows 7 64-bit driver for the headset but again Plantronics has made it very difficult to download the correct driver and force you to go to my soft update site.

Any suggestions on how I can restore my previous functionality?

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are you using an inbuilt microphone or attaching an external one?
ok got it...didn't read carefully :)
Go to SOUNDS --> RECORDING TAB. Select your microphone and click on PROPERTIES. Go to LISTEN tab and change DEFAULT PLAYBACK DEVICE under PLAYBACK THROUGH THIS DEVICE option to your Plantronics USB headphone. Hope that helps :).
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SOUNDS would be found under CONTROL PANEL or you can also right click on small speaker icon in your taskbar and choose recording devices from there.
Any update on this?
When you go to Control Panel>Sound>Recording there is an option " Listen to this device" it is my understanding that this is a test option only and causes the sound from the Mic to be played into the headset. Unchecking it allows me to dictate correctly.



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