How to Join Yahoo Chat Rooms in Trillian Professional Astra

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I was trying to figure out how I can join a Yahoo Chat Room in Trillian Astra. I have been Googling but, I am just not 100% sure how to. I want to join a specific room and room number. Still now clue of the direct or exact directions to do so.
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Any help?

I read this at the bottom of Trillians Website:

"Chat with a Big Group" is the area.
I just don't know how to do it.
There was some changes made to yahoo public rooms
check this
I dont think yu can join public rooms from trillion.
Only your accounts with the Yahoo windows live etc.
Go to the community section on your dashboard, click the public rooms section, then manage rooms. You will be taken to your public rooms page,
Add a Yahoo Chat Room to Your Favorites


I'm testing this now.


Okay, Directly from which is the official Trillian website, I have Trillian Astra Pro (legit).
On their website (At the bottom), they say:

Public Chat Rooms   [Improved to be better in Trillian Astra]

Despite the apparent lack of sensible conversation inside, Trillian grudgingly supports Yahoo! Chat Rooms. You can also navigate the spooky ghost world of Jabber/XMPP chat rooms with ease!

I know this has to be possible based on that information.
Any other ideas?
I have Contacted Support for Trillian Astra about this issue.
The solution is:
Yes you can do so and very easily.

"Click on the Yahoo! red dot on your Contact List and choose "Join a Chat...".  A window will open where you can select the room you'd like to join."

Trillian Astra Does Support Yahoo Chat Rooms, I have tested tested and this works.

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