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I'm creating my own scrollbar which should be able to be bound to any control and scroll it as necessary (i.e. if the preferred size is greater than the shown size). My problem is that I cannot change the .top property of the bound control when scrollbar is used because the control is often docked and has anchors.

1) Is there some way around this without modifying the .top property?
2) How does an autoscroll Panel manage it when the child components have docked properties set?

Thank you,
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you could set the dock property to none and resize controls to what they were before you change the docking ... then you can modify the top property.


Hrm, perhaps there isn't another way around it.... Although I don't suppose you can specifically answer the second question?

Thanks very much,
nope sorry - but try this code:

public static void ScrollControls(int Scrolltop, int Scrollleft,  Control parent, List<string> excludeControlsByName)
            foreach (Control control in parent.Controls)

                if (excludeControlsByName.Contains(control.Name)) continue;               
                if (control.Dock != DockStyle.None)
                    var top = control.Top;
                    var left = control.Left;
                    var width = control.Width;
                    var height = control.Height;
                    control.Dock = DockStyle.None;

                    //this may get reset after undocking
                    control.Top = top;
                    control.Left = left;
                    control.Width = width;
                    control.Height = height;

                control.Top += Scrolltop;
                control.Left += Scrollleft;

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use it like so:
var excludeControls = new List<string>();

            ScrollControls(10, 0, this, excludeControls);

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Thank you. :)

I'm guessing that docking and anchoring just won't work - I can only guess that the Panel some something special internally... :(



I'm not sure about the panel, however I would guess that they do something similar as all object eventually inheritfrom cwnd anyway :)

If you are really keen to find out you could use redgates reflector and decomile the windows.forms.controls dll - then find the panel and check the code out.

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