Cannot drag Delphi 7 form on desktop.

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I'm on a WinXP Pro SP3 box using Delphi 7. The application I am working on is a single form with a splitter control.

When I run the program, I can drag the four edges of the Form to change the size.  However, I cannot drag the form when I place the cursor in the the Active Title Bar and attempt to move it.  What property do I change to fix this?

Thanks much.
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I have tried to find a property that can cause this with no luck. I would suggest that you create a new application with just a form and run it. (no code at all). Then try to see if you can move it. If yes, then check all the form's properties against your own project's trying to find the differences. In there aren't any then you have problem in your code...
Twinsoft is right. Even if you want it is hard to achieve what is happening to you. It looks more like some program conflict or even virus. Try to run same application on other machine or send exe to us. Check for driver conflict, eg: mouse, no brand hardware (or not digitally signed) driver, antivirus, antispyware. Do a full scan for viruses.



Thanks for your responses.

I will run a complete virus and anti-malware scan.  

The application is very simple to redo, so I deleted and recreated the project and the problem went away.

Thanks much for your help!

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