Coldfusion issue, Cannot access ColdFusion Administrator page

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Ok, so i'll start off by saying i'm new to the web server setup game, and very new to ColdFusion.

I've been charged with the task of migrating several sites away from a hosting company and into a Dedicated server. 2 of these sites are ColdFusion based. So far I've had limited luck.

I've setup the 3 sites in IIS.
Setup ColdFusion and set 2 of those sites as ColdFusion sites with the 'Web Server Configuration Tool'.
Externally i can access the non-coldfusion site fine. Which suggests IIS is setup OK.
I am also able to partially access the coldfusion sites externally, i receive a ColdFusion Software End User License Agreement to Tick a few boxes, then proceeds to 'The web site you are accessing has experienced an unexpected error'.

However (here is the main problem), I assume in order to resolve this issue i need to make some adjustments with the ColdFusion Administrator area, but this is where i get stuck. Whenever i try to get to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm' i receive a File or Directory not found error. This is by going to the ColdFusion shortcut, or other means. I've checked permissions and jsut can't figure out why it seems to ignore this directory.

I'm quite stuck with this. It could be a mistake within IIS but not so sure.

I'm new to this so feel free to ask me the basics.

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when you install coldfusion you specify web root
lets say you set it to : d:\websites\
that then is where cfide would reside d:\websites\cfide

anyway - cf needs to know where your web root is


I did specify the webroot as wwwroot, which is the webroot. And it seems to be behaving correctly. The path is c:\inetpub\wwwroot\CFIDE\administrator\index.cfm. And when selecting the ColdFusion administration area, the path points to
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so when you log on to the server console, and access '' FROM THE SERVER CONSOLE, what happens then?

>> Whenever i try to get to /CFIDE/administrator/index.cfm' i receive a File or Directory not found error.

What is the full URL when you do that -  or something else like

And where are you trying to access from?  Server console or remote client?

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I created a dns entry for the CFserver then browsed to it from another machine and it worked!

Don't know why it wouldn't work locally however!
good point meverest!


It wasn't 100% exact, readers of the question may not know get the answer to their own similar problems.

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