How can i manage a few hundred thousand pictures?

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I am looking for a LOCAL solution (not hosted) to manage a few hundred thousand pictures – including notes for each picture among users on a network.
Ideally the solution would be right around $1500 or so
Kodak easyshare doesn’t work well over a few thousand pictures .

Web based or software based is fine – a SQL database is fine as long as it can run on SQLExpress (or mySQL)
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Look at Gallery2, web based and free.


Gallery2 is the type of thing I am looking for - if it can manage a huge database/lots of files... do you have any experience with it?

The way our pictures are growing – it will hit a million or so pictures in the next 2-3 months and will continue to grow.
Look at

I'm not certain about a 1000000000 pics but this is as good as it gets!
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I have used it for a couple of thousands of images, nevre had the opportunity to work with several hundred thousand.
One other possible solution is Coppermine Photo Gallery:

Those gallery script was good at handling about 20-30000 scanned documents at one moment (im sure there is more now) and this is hat I personally saw at one clients machine.
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Aperture and Lightroom etc are no good for what you are looking for as they can't (in any efficient way) be used for simultaneous users across a network.

Although I haven't personally used it, Gallery3 is usually considered to be faster than Gallery2 for large libraries of images, though you'd be slightly more limited in terms of plugins etc to begin with as Gallery3 launched relatively recently.

I've experienced Gallery2 running smoothly with around 100,000 images - I can't see that there would be a problem with more than that so long as the server it is running on is appropriate for the volume of traffic.

The main issue will be getting the images into Gallery in the first place - not going to be a quick job and will depend on how the images are currently stored.

Resource Space is pretty cool and it handles video too. It's also open source. There's a batch add feature. 

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