Anyone have a SFTP example in C#?

rmmarsh used Ask the Experts™
I am in need of some excellent docs (already looked at Tamir Gal's and related docs) for using Secure FTP (SFTP), or a C# example.

I would really appreciate it...
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If you looked at Tamir Gal's info, then you surely have looked inside his code. Good implementation with examples there.
Anything specific you are looking for, or are you looking into coding the SFTP-protocol for yourself?


Nothing specific... I looked at Tamir's code, but couldn't see where I would start... I'll have to revisit it again.

I'll look before I post this closed..  thank you for responding.

Be sure to look in the file 'test.cs'. That is the example-program and shows the usage of most of the functionality.

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