SSAS: Where is the KeyDuplicate for the Error Column

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I get this warning..

Warning      14  ....: Do not ignore duplicate key errors. Change the KeyDuplicate property of the error configuration so that it is not set to IgnoreError

seems pretty straight forward.. But I have searched the properties in BIDS 2008 for the field in question within the dimension attribute column.. And I cannot find a KeyDuplicate property anywhere.. And searching the internet brings few references to this property, and absloutely no instructions or images to help me locate it..

And the SSAS book I bought to teach me is proving very unhelpful.
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Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

It's better to catch this error instead of passing it.
this error says that you have duplicate keys in your dimension, find and remove one of them.
Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

and for a direct answer to your question , this is where you want:


OK.. I am working with a project the book coded for me that has these errors. And the book doesn't even talk you through designing this, just whala hers a project... with lots of warnings.

So this error and your 2nd comment with link make me think there is a potential that while running it may hit dup errors and I am setting the condition in a property as to how to handle the dup error.. But nothing in that link tells me Where to locate this property to set it to be ignore, Report and continue or Report and stop.. If this property is not in the fields of the hierchy where is it? is it a setting on a property for the entire project?

Your first comment makes me think I have the wrong fields in my list.. Again, I didn't design it, and I am fuzzy as to what the books intent was to do. But I do note the following...

this is a common Geography hierachy.. and it only uses from the famed AdventureWorks the following to build the hierachy..
"English Country Region"
"State Province Name"
"Postal Code"

But in the Attributes column it has more then it uses "Which seems to me you should only drag over what you use"
"Country Region Code"
"French Country Region Name"

Another thing.. I saw a demo of doing a Customer with a geography heiarchy link within the customer..  This had at the end of the hiearchy the dim Customer field so the geography field could link onto it.
This made sense.. this book doesn't have the hieachy within something else.. But this hierach does not have a key.. Should it end with the
"Geography key"  or the "Sales Territory Key"  which Seems to come over with it as the only key link to another table..

I guess the question is... What am I suppose to do???
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Well I seemed to have gotten rid of it, but I really don't know how..
I deleted the entire heiachy and started over.. Which seemed like a bad idea, because I had then errors not warnings..  And the errors were related to the hieachy but vague.

I found I could change the errors from 20 errors to 6 errors to 2 errors playing with a different dup warning.. This time the warning stated the field and gave the first occurance.. Like dup in postal code for '13795'   or something like that.

I played with the Key columns to get them to be unique keys.. But they would point sometimes to fields not used but in the Attribute like "Sales territory Key"  so I took it out.. And to fields not in the Attribute column, like Country Region Code" I put it in.. Then later pulled it out and it wasn't having issue with it.

And although a video showed I did not need to make the Unique key go through the hieachy field for field.. Like postal code would be unique with just "English Country Region Name"  and did not need to be tied to "City" or "State Province".. I found that it was not happy unless I went through all the hiearchy..

So if you can point me exactly where I can fix it without ripping out the Dimension, and starting over, I would appreciate it.
Consultant, Trainer
the where you seeked is:
Right-clicking an Analysis Services database, cube, measure group, partition, dimension, mining structure, or mining model in Object Explorer and selecting Process.


Click to open the Change Settings dialog box and change the settings that govern processing of the selected objects, including batch processing settings, writeback settings, and dimension key error settings. For more information about the Change Settings dialog box, see Change Settings Dialog Box (SSAS).

then you will find duplicate key in options.


I think I did find it.. Not through all of that.. But it was not on the properties of the field or the project but on the properties of the top branch of the tree in the attributes column.. the name of the hierachy, so like mine is dim Geography.
Reza RadConsultant, Trainer

Glad to help,

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