Grub Rescue In Ubuntu error: out of partition

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Hello All,

I have netbook on which i installed Ubuntu 9.10, after 2 days i wanted to install windows xp pro on it and so i used Gparted to create partition and i rebooted the systems with my windowXP USB stick. Instead of rebooting from the USB Stick ( i make sure in BIOS its booting from USB), i get this error

Grub Loading.
error: out of Partition
grub rescue>

at this prompt i typed ls ( grub rescue>ls)
and i get (hd0) (hd0,2) (hd0,1) (hd1) (hd1,1)  --- i am assuming hd1 and hd1,1 relate to usb stick
then i typed set ( grub rescue>set)
and i get        prefix=(hd0,1)/boot/grub

if i type ls (hd0,1)/ i get
./../ lost+found/ var/ etc/ media/ cdrom bin/ boot/ dev/ home/ lib/ mnt/ opt/ proc/ root/ sbin/ selinux/ srv/ sys/ tmp/ usr/ vmlinuz initrd.img  initrd.img.old vmlinuz.old

all i want is to reformat the hard drive completely and install windows xp.

any help is highly appreciated. please i am stuck
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Well, this is problem of your machine not booting from USB stick, not a GRUB problem. Once you manage to boot from the USB stick, and simply install Windows XP it will overwrite the MBR a Grub will disappear.
If we assume you've set the BIOS to boot from USB as it's first choice, that means the USB stick is: not connected or not connected to the right USB hub.  Or perhaps not bootable.  
So it'll fail at USB boot and go through the next device to boot order.  Let's assume all other devices (if any) configured to boot fail until boot from hard disk comes up.  At this point the machine will boot from hard disk and that's why you see the grub stuff (I assume grub is on the hard disk).  GParted has changed the partition table and nobody has bothered to tell grub that this was done, which is why you're getting those errors.
As Let_Me_Be has said the problem is that your machine is failing to boot from USB, ignore the grub stuff that'll go away once XP is installed.

Hope this helps.


thanks guys but i have made the usb a bootable one. i have one bootable ubuntu usbstick and one bootable win xp pro sp2. when i go thru the grub rescue, i can see the usbsticks but i dont understand why its not booting thru the usb.

i might have to check it more carefully i guess. Thanks
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i have checked again it wont boot from the USB, how can fix this can some one please help me out

Exactly what hardware is it (ie: IBM thinkpad model no - perhaps even part no)?
> i have checked again it wont boot from the USB, how can fix this can some one please help me out

Ask an admin to change the zones of this question. You are unlikely to get hardware help in zones "Ubuntu, Linux Setup, Disk Partition Tools"


Thanks guys, i have fixed, i used a ide adapter and hooked the hard drive to my other laptop and formatted the drive and installed XP pro.

Everything works good one.


i will close the question and award the points. Thanks

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