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Hey Guru's,

I'm currently puttin the finishing touches on a VB.net Windows Application.  For Phase two of the project I would like to take my Current MDI model and convert if over to a Tabbed Interface similar to that of Visual Studio or Management Studio in SQL or even the tabbed style in Crystal Report 2008, instead of current multiple windows each representing an open form.  Does anyone know how to create a tabbed interface like those apps I've mentioned above.  Can it be done, is it easy to do?

I really just want to improve to functionality, look and feel of the application.

Any ideas, links or code would be greatly appreicated.


Pete Jaink
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I think what you are looking for can be found in infragistics. They have a tabbed mdi tool, it requires no code, just drag it to the form. It looks awsome and works well.
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If you have some $$$ to spare, DevExpress is brilliant (all their controls not just tabbedmdimanager).

If looking for a free control then check these




I split the points.  Both suggestions pointed me to apps that I could use.  I was hoping for a way to code myself and have it good but I guess 3rd party tools could work.  



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