How to delete the Windows 2008 SBS user but not the Mailbox ?

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I need to delete Windows 2008 SBS AD users so I can recreate them with the SBS Add User wizard and use the connect computer url on thier workstation. I want to delete the user account but not their attached  Exchange 2007 mailbox so I can reconnect their new user account to the disconnected mailbox later, but when I chose to delete the user I am not prompted to not delete the mailbox, it just deletes the mailbox , can someone help me out.
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What you should be able to do, is simply delete the mailbox anyway.
Create your new user.
Goto the tab that shows Disconnected Mailboxes under the Recipient Configuration and their mailbox should be there waiting to be reconnected. When reconnecting, connect it to your new User.
Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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Delete you user by using Exchange System Manager to Remove the Mailbox (Open Exchange System Manager and Expand Recipient Configuration> Mailbox).  Select your user and then click on Delete in the Action Pane on the right.
Re-create your user with the Wizard (which will create a new empty mailbox), then disable the new mailbox and then click onto Disconnected Mailbox under Recipient Configuration - You may not see the original disconnected mailbox straight away.  If this is the case, please open up the Exchange Management Shell as Administrator (Right-Click), then run the following command:
Clean-MailboxDatabase “Mailbox Database”
Replace Mailbox Database with the name of your store if it is not the default name.
The disconnected mailbox should now appear.
Go back to Disconnected Mailboxes and then right-click on the disconnected mailbox, choose connect and then select User (next), then Existing User (Browse) - select your newly created user and complete the wizard.
Do you really need to recreate the users,  can you not just add them to the SBS console by using the following proceedure.

Run adsiedit.msc from the Start Search box on the Start menu.
Right click ADSI Edit in the left pane of the MMC console, select Connect to from the menu and then click OK to accept the default connection settings.
Expand Default Naming Context in the left pane and browse for the group(s) or user(s) you want to add to the SBS Console. Right click the user(s) or group(s) and select Properties from the menu.
Select msSBSCreationState on the Attributes Editor tab and click Edit. Change the value to Create, with a capital C, and click OK
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Alan , I tried deleting a test user in AD and in EMC and they both delete th mailbox, never found in the disconnected mailboxes group.

ARKLightning, this sound like a good solution, but I can't find any blogs on this process.
Can't find any better information to explain the process than the instructions already listed.  This is generally used to migrate Groups into the SBS console,  In theory migrated user accounts should already have this attribute set however I would certainly give it a try

The only other alternative i've found is

Alan HardistyCo-Owner
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Did you run the clean-mailboxdatabase command afterwards?
The mailboxes will disappear from view and won't necessarily pop up under disconnected mailboxes until you run the command.

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