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I have a SBS 2008 Standard server with POP mail. Some of the recipients have a pop account but are not part of the domain. Sending email to those email addresses fail. Error:The recipient's e-mail address was not found in the recipient's e-mail system. In Exhange 2003 I was able to just tick a box in the smtp connector and route the mail to a smart host.
All I need is outgoing mail to be routed to a smart host if recipients are not found. I have tried to create another send SMTP Send connector for the domain and sed to smart host. That did not fix the problem. I must be missing something else. Anybody can help me with more detailed instructions since the articles on the net make no sense to me.
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I think you have to change it to internal relay domain or external relay domain - take a look at these resources:

Understanding Accepted Domains
Q: How do you share SMTP domain names between an Exchange 2007 environment and a foreign mail system?
change the accepted domain type.

In the past when I have done this I used the phrase smtp namespace sharing.


Thanks for your reply. Do I change the existing authoritative domain to an internal relay or do I have to create a new domain and make this an internal relay. Do I also have to setup a new send connector for the domain to forward the unresolved emails out. Sorry for the questions but this server is live and I have to make sure I know what I'm doing. Thanks in advance
I took the following steps to overcome the issue: Exchange Manager / Organization Configuration / Hub Transport / Accepted Domain / Windows SBS External Domain ( go to Properties and change to "internal relay" and save.
Go to Send Connector Tab and create a new send connector for enter the smart host and save.  
This will allow you to route unresolved recipient to the smart host

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