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I installed Citrix Xenserver on one of my IBM servers.I am not sure about the Power Requirement of Xenserver. I tried to find out some information over the net but didnt get any information regareding Xenserver power requirement.
I want to run 8 VMs on that server and the power supply of that server is 400watts. Would that be enough?
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There are no relation between electric power and number of running VM.
You only need enaugh CPU and RAM. Then is obvius that a server with 4 cpu use more power than a single-cpu.


So if a server running Xeon CPU (E5520 4 CORE 2.26GHZ 8MB CACHE), 14GB DDR3 ECC RAM with 8-10 XP Pro VMs, should not have any issues.

Server is IBM (brand new) X3400 M2 with 670W power supply.

It depend on how much cpu use each every vm.

If they use only office/mail/internet is ok, if they use cad no.

There isn't a precise count, depend on the purpose of the vm and how much resource you want in each vm

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