windows storage server 2008 cannot assign unallocated space

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I have a Windows Storage Server 2008 with 5x 1TB in Raid 5. I assigne 80GB for the OS and tried assigning the rest of the space. But I can only assign for another 1.9TB, the rest of the unallocated space cannot be used.

I understand there is a feature GPT disk that I can use to overcome this 2TB barrier, however, how do I get that done with the OS partition already in ?

Or is there a way to do so during the operation system installation ?
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Normally you would use the firmware / software that comes with the RAID controller to create two seperate logical disks our of the array, then as far as Windows sees it there are two seperate disks; then you can convert the second one to GPT and have it greater than 2TB. You can't convert the boot disk to GPT since Windows can't boot from a GPT partition.

You can convert to dynamic and span your second and third partitions into one big one but it would be better to start again with the controller presenting two disks assuming it has this capability - most have.
I will not stay on a RAID 5 array with large SATA "Desktop class" drives.
Those "Desktop class" drives are usually sold with a "1 UBE per 10^14 bits read" which means you have 8% of a read failure per 1TB read...
==> Just evaluate the probability of a read failure when you rebuild your array using 4x 1TB drives...

Please stay with RAID 6/60/10 only with those bad boys

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