WHM/Cpanel - How can I receive an email from a sender who does not have SPF setup correctly?

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I am asking this question because I doubt that what my hosting provider is telling me is true. It just doesn't seem right.

I have problems getting email from one specific user. The email makes it through the spam filter (assp) and into EXIM. But never makes it to my inbox. Support says that the problem is with the SENDER's SPF settings (the mail server IP does not match up to the actual IP that they use to send the email).

I know the sender needs to fix this issue on their end. But in the meantime, it is urgent that I receive their emails. So, I asked my hosting provider how I can make this happen right now - could we bypass the SPF check for this one sender?

Their solution was for me to remove MY spf record for MY domain. Here is the quote:

"Removing your SPF record would affect the incoming emails and they will not check for the SPF record of the sending account. This will not cause any problem however while sending the mails to the server who checks for SPF records."

I know I could totally be wrong, but this does not sound right.

Are they correct? If not, then is there anything I can do?
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SPF is used to check the validity of incoming emails to ascertain that the IP that is sending the email is authorised to send on behalf of the domain.

Your SPF will be used to check mail you send, but it will also be used to check mail you receive, if you receive mail claiming to come from your domain (spoofed mail).

Deleting your SPF will have no effect in helping receive the mail that you wan to receive (as you suspect).  Sounds like your mail host is talking rubbish.

They could whitelist their IP for now, which should allow the mail through.



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