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Due to work Computer Restructuring (moving good computers to people who need them) i've gotten a new computer (Still XP though)
But in doing so i've lost my copy of Visual Basic 6.0.

I'm not sure where the original disc is.

how can i transfer this to my new computer?
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Contact MS Licensing, and see if they can help you retrieve the license info......
There are 2 CD's for VB6.0 not including the SP6 or the MSDN Help which was another 2 DC's.
Your best bet is to look on Ebay where you can get VB6.0 fairly cheap
The computer with it one is still running and being used.
Apart from the above suggestions is there anything else?
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You cant move apps like that from 1 pc to another... Just doesnt work. Files have to be registered, and copied, and registry information has to be built.  Just not that easy....
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If you have access to Ghost or another imaging tool, image your old computer onto your new one. Then uninstall it off the old one.

Otherwise, contact MS Licensing.
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I have all the original CD's you need (I'm a software packrat and keep everything). Too bad I can't give you a copy (it's illegal). Now I'll get on my soapbox...
Is it just me, or don't you think that after Microsoft abandons a product for a given long length of time, they should just change their EULA and allow folks to freely have it? Especially in the development arena. These days, I can see Microsoft giving away VB6, as it's gasping for it's last breath, and wouldn't provide the development community with any great value. But I can understand why they wouldn't give away, for example, old versions of Office, as you could still make readable documents with it and receive some value from the program.
<Stepping off the soapbox> Oh well, I fell better now...

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