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I have and excel spreadsheet that has the name of the following colums, Titie, date,Level, person, PDF
These are Titles of files I have on hand.
Date when they where made
Dance level of the files
Persons name who made the file
PDF file.

My question is is there a way to have the column that say PDF
be click and it would display the PDF file for that row of information?
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Hello starview,

You could put a hyperlink formula into that PDF column:

=HYPERLINK("c:\folder\subfolder\filename.pdf","Friendly name here")

If you provide more detail about the files and locations I may be able to help further.


Cory VandenbergSenior Risk Manager
When you say on hand, I'm guessing you mean you have them on your local drive or on a server, but I also thought perhaps you mean they are embedded directly in the workbook.

Unlikely as it may seem, if that is the case, you should take a look at this solution for an example of how to open embedded objects with the use of a OLE label formatted to appear like a hyperlink.


Cory VandenbergSenior Risk Manager

Meant to say ActiveX label......late on a Sunday... ;)
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How do you embedded a file into excel?
Cory VandenbergSenior Risk Manager

Go to Insert->Object

Select "Create from file" and then browse to find your pdf.

Secect the cell you want to have the PDF in.

Go to insert ,
click object,
Select adobe acrobat document,
tick the box saying Display as icon

Find the file and click open.

That should be it.


Thank you

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