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We are developing a touch screen beauty-salon software. The suggested platform is to use Delphi and .net. I am not in programming so I have no idea what this is.

Our vision of the end product is something like a restaurant (food ordering) software but more lively, like the iPhone interface.

Can someone suggest the best language to use in this case? Anyone interested in taking some freelance jobs?

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Some clarification: Delphi is a development environment (editor, compiler,...) built around the programming language based on Pascal (the very traditional programming language). Sometimes, Delphi is understood as the name of that language -- see

The .NET platform was created by Microsoft and is a programming-language independent plaform that allows a kind of making low-level machine code (for the processor) be more abstract.  In the same way, you can think about .NET as about the framework built on the top of that abstraction core -- i.e. various libraries that implement functionality usually needed when an application is developed. See for details.

.NET was created for Microsoft Windows.  On the other hand, it was published and standardized, and there are already alternative implementations (see the references in the doc above).  It seems now that .NET will survive for a while.  It is likely that you will find programmers for the job.

.NET platform also allows you to use the code that was already created in the binary form (even when you do not have the source code) from other .NET languages.  This way, different parts of the application can be created in different languages.  Then, Delplhi.NET is just one of the languages.

If I were to choose the language for the project being written from scratch, I would choose C#.  The reasons are that it was born with .NET and is being developed together with newer versions of .NET.


Hi, pepr,

Thanks for the quick response. Would C+ be able to present graphics quickly, like the iPhone (or for that matter, most of the graphics that you see nowadays on smart phones), and also process data quickly. Our software will call for a database stored with 2-3 years of transaction data (I am not a programmer so I can quantify how big that is. But basically, let's say you have a restaurant of 50 tables doing business for 2-3 years - just an idea!).


I am not sure, whether you mean C++ (C plus plus) or C# (C sharp).  The C++ application (so called "managed code" -- the one that uses .NET) will probably be a bit faster but it requires more experienced programmer and takes probably more time to be developed.  The C# with .NET for the portable version of Windows will probably be easier for development.  C# could produce a bit slower result but the slowdown may not be even noticed.  In other words, I would go with C#.  It depends more on the developer (programmer) whether he/she uses the correct approach when programming the application.

I suggest you to ask the zone advisor to redirect this question also to the zone Programing - Languages - .NET (, or to ask in the zone.  There are also subzones related directly to more specific tasks (languages, framework).

It would also be good idea to specify or decide what kind of hardware you want to use for the application. That should be decided together.  As you do not know too much about details, you should search for the example of similar application.  You may also want to search for some open-source solutions that may reduce the cost of the overall solution.  You should always consider the price of hardware + the price of initial version of software + the price of later adoption of the software + the ease of learning the application for the end users + the ease of using the application and a lot of other things.  Very often, the cheap, quick (and dirty) solution is not the cost effective.  You should search for the experience of the others.  You should search for the possibility to see similar solution working.

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