dell xps wont turn on power adapter light stop when plug in

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I have a dell xps m1330 which I tried to start this morning and it wont turn on. the unusual thing was that the power adapter light stops when I plug it into the laptop.  when I unplug it from the laptop the adapter light turns on (I have to unplug it from the wall first to clear) there is no lights or any kind of actions on the laptop when I try to turn it on.  

what   could be the problem?
I have tried unplug the     battry just use the battry  but did not help.
I have used the power adapter  for dell 1520 the night before and was wondering if that could have caused the problem.  


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"I have used the power adapter  for dell 1520 the night before and was wondering if that could have caused the problem. "

compare the out put of both adapters... Might have damaged the board.....

And if you tried plugging it in with the Battery removed, that can hlep to rule that out......
The power adapter for the 1520 puts out 19.5 volts.

The power adapter for the m1330 is at 19 volts.

You may very well have fried your laptop by connecting it to the wrong adapter.

Check if voltage is coming out of the jack from both adapters.
It could be a faulty adapter or a mother board. You need to verify which one if faulty.
A faulty adapter can easily be replaced.

To check the adapter test with the original note book and see if its working fine.

I would remove the battery and the power off. Press the start swtich for a minute or two
and try to power from a good power adapter whcih belongs to the notebook..

I am not sure of the voltages difference in the two adapter mentioned. A .5V voltage MAY not
cause serious harm. Having said that it best to use the right voltage in order not to over stress the components.

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I think .5V voltage difference could not fry MB in such a short time like that, but it may not work either. Try the right adapter and post back results.
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a difference of 0.5 V on a nominal 19 V is only 3.8 % it won't hurt at all...unless it s current output is much lower, and then it would stop loading; but not fry the laptop.
i think you have a short in the power supply to the laptop
if you dismantle it, you may be able to fix it ..
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i mean : in the power supply section of the laptop - not the AC adapter..


I have tried different working adapters but it didnot work. the battery is also full, and it won't work from the battery as well.
I have tried removing the ram and put it back, the hdd drive and put it back. different adapters with and without the battery, and different battery.
The unusualy thing is that when I plug in the power adapter to the laptop its light turn off (the adapter) which might be an indication of a short somewhere in the motherboard? the power supply section of the laptop is part of the board I think.
Any further steps that could be taken to fix it? thanks!
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This is the method I use to troubleshoot my laptops when brought into the shop for repair/diagnostic:
1. Capacitor/Battery check:  
A. Unplug the ac adapter. Keep ac adapter unplugged.
B. Remove the battery and keep the battery unplugged.
C. Hold the power button down for 15-20 seconds. (Nothing will appear on the display and none of the lights will light up.)
D. Release the power button and plug in the ac adapter ONLY. (Note that a power indicator light should be lit on the AC Adapter when it is plugged in).
E. Normally power on the laptop.

2. If it Does Not Power "ON":
A. Check AC Adaptor: a power indicator light should be lit ON THE AC ADAPTER when it is plugged iN. If no light: replace AC Adapter.
B. If it does have a light, test the socket where AC Adapter plugs in:  If you "wiggle" the cable and the POWER LIGHT ON THE LAPTOP flickers you have a bad power socket on the motherboard.

3. Powers ON and Video is available: Test Memory and hard drive.Reset BIOS to default settings.

4. No Video? Plug in an external monitor. Test.

5. Still No Video? Disconnect AC Adapter and remove all peripherals: remove CD/DVD drive, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, modem, printers, anything plugged into a USB port, memory. Restart. Test. No Video?

A. If it beeps: leave one memory stick and alternate.No video: Bad Video card (if it is integrated to the motherboard you must replace the motherboard).
B. No beeps: Bad motherboard or CPU.


With the RAM removed do you get beeps ? when you boot from battery.
If no beeps, its a indicator that the MB or CPU has been screwed.

You may be right about the short on the power module  in the PC.
As suggested by nobous it would be worth the trouble to take a look at the
power unit of the laptop.


what is the motherbord model and also if there is any links to used/repair motherboards links (in US). thanks
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The motherboard isDell part number: GM848 (with the INTEL VIDEO)
Compatible DP/N: X635D (with the INTEL VIDEO)
Also is Dell Part Number:   PU073 (the Nvidia video card comes with 128MB of memory)
Note: this M1330 motherboard (p/n: GM848 or X635D with the INTEL VIDEO) can be used instead of the motherboard with Nvidia video(p/n: PU073) It is recommended that you buy the Intel Video instead of the Nvidia since the Nvidia chips had a problem handling the high temperatures on this model (Dell became aware that the problem was limited to Nvidia chip production G84- and G86-GPU's, the BIOS was updated to A12 which improves thermal control but does not prevent it from reoccurring. The problem associated with Nvidia GPU's was the chip material used could not stand high temperatures) .
You can buy it directly from Dell for $499 or from:  $269.95  $329
Bits ...


It was one of th controllors and I had to send it for fix to some motherboard shops which was cheaper than buying new motherboard. I will award the points to th most helpful posts. thank you all.
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tx for the feedback !

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