why are my playlists not the same?

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for some reason some of my play ists in my itunes software do not contain the same songs when updated on my iphone.  i even made a new smart playlist and i synced and the new playlist came over but didnt have the same songs.  does anyone know why?
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Are all of the songs in your playlists actually on the iPhone?  Or have only some of them been copied to the iPhone?  the iPhone can't play a song from a playlist unless the song itself is on the phone.

Depending how you have set up your synching, you might not be copying all your music to the phone, particularly if you have more music in your library than fits on the phone.


yes they are all on the iphone.

i just made another smart playlist, and synced it...it came over fine with all the correct songs on it.  then i added a couple rules to the playlist that made some songs come off the PL on the computer's PL....then synched again and the playlist on the IPhone didnt update.
In each of your smart playlists, add the filter:

Playlist is music

Then, re-sync.

That should fix the "live update" bug that has plagued iTunes version 9.  I think that's what you're suffering from.


thanks a lot!

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