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Is it possible to fire a mousedown event via javascript? For example, I made an element which has a mousedown handler. When clicked, it just pops up an alert:

   element.mousedown = function(evt) {
       alert("you clicked me!");

I've positioned this div absolutely at 20, 20, and it is 100 pixels wide/high.

I'd like to now programatically call "mousedown" at a position of 40,40, so that should intersect my element, and its handler should be called:

   magic.simulateMouseDown(40, 40);

is that possible to do in javascript?

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var link = document.getElementById['yourLinksIdAttrbuteValue'];;
same thing for button, just replace the link id by button id
But the author needs to trigger a mouse click event on X and Y coordinates, instead of just triggering a click() on an html element with Javascript....

DJ AM Juicebox I dont think this is possible with Javascript
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why not at mousemove event, you can get the mouse coordinates and then you can check for specific coordinates so that you can invoke click handler.


Wait is this method not correct for me?:

Yes, I need to trigger the mouse event at a particular coordinate (it's going to be within an SVG element, so I can borrow its native hit-testing abilities).

which all browsers you want your application to support?

Please check if the same thing works on other browsers like IE etc.
From memory I think hes trying to make it work on FireFox and Opera?

Anyway I like the links trungk43 showed. Maybe you could trigger a x,y coordinate mouseclick event with

long screenXArg  -  Specifies the Event's screen x coordinate.  
long screenYArg  -  Specifies the Event's screen y coordinate.  
long clientXArg  -  Specifies the Event's client x coordinate.  
long clientYArg  -  Specifies the Event's client y coordinate.  

those things set like trungk43's link to "" shows.

And using initMouseEvent (method )  in the way that other link trungk43 showed.

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