How to protect my file from the hackers?

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Hi i am having some important files in my system, but how could i protect these files from the hackers, i am having mcafee commercial version, but i feel it is not secure.
one of my friend suggest me that folder lock, so please tell me is it secure from hackers, or will u prefer any other tool.
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To protect you files, usually is enough using "Encrypted File System" provided with operating system - for details see this Microsoft article: Encrypting File System in Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 - This will secure your files as long the "hacker" could not access your user account.
If you want to feel more secure and encrypt your entyre HDD, if yout PC has a TPM chip you can read this MS article: Windows Trusted Platform Module Management Step-by-Step Guide and this will keep you save in the event the "hacker" steal your HDD.
All this two sollutions are "free" as they are included in the operating system starting with XP, and both of them are enough for non-military requirements...

let's simplify it into two security level
1- accessing you machine
sol ... keep updating you OS .. you should have a strong antivirus & firewall, you supposed to keep updating them on daily basis... don't share your password... keep checking event view ...

2- if first level failed, this will help
you can use programs like folder lock (there are alot of programs like it). in this case, even someone managed to access your machine, he won't be able to touch your file

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