How to use gacutil.exe

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If I have a dll named Joes.dll and I want to install it into the gac, would the following command work: gacutil.exe /i Joes.dll

Or, would i need to specify the path where Joes.dll is located?

I read the documentation on using gacutil.exe and I am confused. So i need some help by and expert.

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Yes, what you guessed is correct.

if I have Joes.dll located at c:\windows\system32 then you need to specify like

gacutil.exe -i c:\windows\system32\Joes.dll

best of luck
Éric MoreauSenior .Net Consultant
Top Expert 2016
it should work if your DLL has been compiled with Visual Studio .Net and you strong-build it.


Thank you experts
You are most welcome brgdotnet!.
For documentation you can say


at the command prompt. or as usual you can google to get more details on it.

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