Deactivate Adobe CS3 when the Deactivate process fails

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I have Adobe CS3 on a PC that I wish to decommision and want to take Adobe CS3 off it to install on another PC. I tried to run the Deactivate process under Photohop but this failed with an error 194:1

I tried Adobe Support pages and they are less than helpful and have no reference to the error at all.

I can ping the server from the PC on which I want to deactivte Photoshop.
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I would place a call to Adobe Support and be more forceful. I've had to have them do this for me before.

Unfortunately Adobe Support still seems to be a mess. Sometimes you get a support tech that is really on the ball, and other times you get one that is dumber than dirt.

I find it easier to stand my ground when I'm dealing with them on the phone, even through it takes forever to get through sometimes.

Put them on speaker phone and enjoy the music while you get other work done)

Best of luck to you.

This is o so and wait then stand your ground. They will deactivate the software for you.


I called Adobe support expecting delays and explaination issues but they were cool and extended my activation count on the spot!

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