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I have a scenario like, am having two databases DB1 and DB2 in different locations where I need to replicate some of the tables(around 10 to 15 tables) from DB1 to DB2(i.e. Whenever I
update any table in DB1 it has to reflect in DB2.). Both DB1 and DB2 has the same database objects.
(DB version - Oracle 10g Release

Please suggest me the steps how this can be done. Can it be done using Materialised View or else guide me for some optimal solution.


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You use snapshot (materialsed view) for tis issue. Other wise you need to buy som tools to read and write from redo log file. (but for just 15 tables is not a goog idea).
you need to create snapshot log in DB1 for each table
Create snapshot log on table "youtable"
then go to database DB2 and create snapshot like thet
create snapshot view "your_name" referesh force start with to_date('02-02-2010 12:00:00' ,'dd-mm-yyyy hh24:mi:ss') next "choose your next time" as select * from "your_table"@"yuor link"
Remember your snapshot log is short if you refresh more (depend on activity on this table). And first time you do is take a long time to create snapshot and log. After that is depend on snapshot log.

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refer the below mentioned  link 
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Pradeep_Tiwari ,

I believe this has been covered in your other question.

I will again suggest Oracle Streams.

Please refer to my comments in the other question:


isuue solved

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