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Hi there,
I need to be able to test the server status every hour automatically (Our dedicated Windows hosting server). I need to test process that involves email server, database storage and retrieval.
What I have been planning is to create a classic ASP or ASP.NET page on the website that automatically fills out a quick form and does the database storage and revival. Just for 2-3 fields.  This will be executed every hour by global.asap or similar process that does not require manual intervention.
Any ideas on how best to go ahead with this?
Before this I put the code in Global.asa file (attached as Global.asa.txt).

Thanks in advance....

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Global.asa file dosnt executes its own. It executes when ever someone accesses the website.

Better you write you code in a VB Application and schedule it at your server at 1 hr interval. This application will check database, email etc and fire you a status report as desired


Do we have to schedule server machine or any local machine which is active for 24 hours ?

Is the Global.asax (.Net Version) works same as Global.asa(Classic asp Version) ? i.e. require an event to execute.


Is there any method in SQL Server ?
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you should schedule application at the server which will check server status and fire an email with status

yes, .asa and .asax are representing asp and asp.net and need an event to trigger


I came to know by googling that SQL Server is capable to fire automatic emails at a perticular instance of time.  Is it possible ?

I know its a out of the zone question, but can you please suggest how can I send mail from SQL Server because its hard to schedule a application on Server.
yes, SQL server can send mails using extended procedure xp_sendmail. But sending mails using sql server need many configurations to be done at SQL server. Also you will need to ensure that SQL Agent is running all the time..

Review this link for more details



Its better to use Schedulling.. Will keep my feedback once I get success in implement.


Hello, I  tried it once and it worked successfully. But I droped the idea and put a code on home page of site, so the I can get mail every hour if the site is running.

B grade :)

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