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Hello group,

I’m new to the VMware environment. I have installed VMWare ESXi 4.0 on two brand new Dell PE servers. I'm using vSphere client to manage the ESXi servers from my laptop. I have done a P2V on several physical servers in my environment. I would like to import these P2V images to my new ESXi servers, but I can’t find information on how to successfully do this.

I also have two host VMware Servers running multiple guest machines. At some point, I’m going to need to move several of the guest machines from my VMware Server host machines to my new ESXi host machines.

What is the best way to successfully perform each of these task?

Thanks for any assistance provided.
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How did you actually do the P2V? You should use vmware converter and send the VM directly to your esxi
Get the converter from


I used vmware converter to do the P2V's.  When asked where to place the images, I created a folder located on one of my file servers and stored them there.  Now I'm trying to figure out how to send them directly to my ESXi server.  What steps are need here?  When you say "send the VM directly to your ESXi server, how is this done from VM Converter?
I thought the big selling point of VMWare was that the Server images are like files. Why not shut down the Server on the VMWare Server host and move/copy the files to the ESXi datastore using the download upload features via the datastore.
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Did you select "VI" as your destination? It will send the resulting VM directly to esxi over the network and auto register the VM for you
Basically you need network connection from where you run the converter to the destination esxi server, just need to specify the user & password

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